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Friday, June 4, 2010

YouTube: Perfect for brand contests—and damage control!

If YouTube wasn’t an official damage control outlet for brands, it is now with BP’s channel there. Whereas CEOs with troubling events surrounding their brands have already found their way there, this is the first time I can recall an “Official” page done specifically for a man-made tragedy. But, once you unzip gang, gotta go all the way and keep that shit fresh with DAILY updates. (Last update, May 28.) Even if there’s nothing new to report. Maybe they think the rest of the media is doing that for them? Perhaps. Still, in Damage Control Land, people want to hear from those responsible, like CEO Tony Hayward. Judging by the response here, I’d think that people aren’t asking for tears, just, a little less smirk, hold the apparent smug. Not that I would want the gig. I imagine you have to have a certain something to head an oil company, almost a resistance to the inevitable events like oil spills or tanker collisions that come with the job. I’m just not getting a “Buck stops here” vibe from the proceedings though. You?

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