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Friday, June 18, 2010

Facebook bad, YouTube good.

Saw this infographic that breaks down what CMOs need to consider about social networking sites and thought it was worth mentioning. When I did my tips for grads post, one thing I suggested was getting more involved in the business side of what clients do, or at lest try and understand the dynamics at work relative to creatives. To that point, this is a good look for students at how clients (and their bosses up the food chain) view the sites you may already live on. There are some gaps in terms of what really is bad and good, but then, that’s how clients think, evaluating things in a more black and white fashion apart from how consumers or agencies might use them.

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Megan Zuniga said...

That's a nice chart. Very informative and helpful. Still, I cannot believe that Twitter has 1 point over Facebook. But I think when it comes to frequency of use, there is still a large percentage of Twitter users who don't use/or know how to use Twitter. While Facebook has mostly active users.
I have no complaints about YouTube. A lot of up-and-coming artists came from YouTube and many more will follow. Just goes to show how truly powerful YouTube is.
As for Page Ranking, Google seems to always change their mind. I read once before that Facebook is good for SEO. I guess not anymore.