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Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Look, a kitten!"

Why do I love this plea for money that Mr. McDermott found? Because it has kittens. But I mostly like I’ve mentioned before, it because it’s promotion or fundraising using any and all means, and filmmaker Mike Flanagan displays a lack of shame to accomplish same for his movie Absentia. A goal of $15,000 may not seem like much for a movie, but that’s not the point (they raised $23,000 through Kickstarter). Typically, most contracts require actors be available to promote the film they’re in anyway. But rebels with clues need to pull out even more stops with things like Actor Dave Levine offering to cook dinner for a bid over $200. Using your cast and crew in unique ways is nice to see, not to mention cameos for highest bidders. (Read more there!)

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