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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nationwide on the UK’s side.

Except for the side of the line that the ball passed in yesterday’s 1-1 draw against the Yanks. (This spot ran three weeks prior to the actual start of the World Cup.) Do Little Britain stars Andy and Lou have a certain Benny Hill charm here? Sure, but any chance to remind England of what could’ve been is fine by me, even if it is by one of their own sponsors. (Goalies, wrap that shit up, always!) As for wheelchair humor in commercials, no way this runs here in the U.S. Probably not even if it was part of a show the way it is in the U.K either.

The PC police have been at DEFCON 1 for a long time regarding the depiction of any group with physical or societal issues portrayed in anything less than a genuine way. It’s as if the condition in question almost has to be ignored in the scene to make it acceptable. (Michael J. Fox’s Emmy-winning work in Rescue Me last year and RJ Mitte in Breaking Bad are about the most intense and honest I’ve seen in some time.) That said, when’s the last time you saw someone in a wheelchair order something in a Taco Bell spot?

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