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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Now THAT’S a poker face.

Aka, DDB pens another gem. This time from France. Gee, I hope it wins at Cannes! This series of spreads for Live Poker magazine gets the point across that you’ll end up being good enough to fool anyone as the king of bluff. One has a burglar apparently turning the tables on granny the homeowner and in another, hairy chest and awkward pose wins out at a beauty pageant. Best > last: As the mayor of the HELL is goin’ on here, let me just ask why though would you talk your way into a Klan meeting if you were black? (No, he is. Look.) Since I don’t see guns and torches, I’m assuming he wasn’t talking his way out of something else.

At first I was like, holy shit, another misguided attempt to push a button here by a subsidiary of an American agency that apparently forgot last year’s fun? (And if it’s not 9/11, let’s throw a [insert minority] into the mix and piss off Americans.) Least that’s what I would’ve thought until I saw a story about how Bollywood plans to make a new film called Dear Friend Hitler. It’s intended to be a decidedly more positive look at his life relative to Indian independence. So I just have to assume then that DDB France just doesn’t get why this type of imagery resonates here the way it does, or worse, they do and don’t care. (Even if the latter is true, the ad is off for the reason I mentioned before.) Can’t wait for the explanation on this one.


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