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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Okay, so *maybe* hockey fans have a point about socc... futbol.

Kids, this is the World Cup about to rain down upon! You won’t see dives this good outside of the Summer Olympics. In a friendly between Germany and Bosnia this week, Germany’s Marko Marin got taken the HELL out, then comes back later to return the favor. (C’mon hockey fans, if nothing else, that WAS a good check.) In the next sequence, Marin and Bosnia’s Emir Spahnic meet in a fit of near-miss madness. And then, like Domi unleashed, it was on fight fans! ON. But what followed is every hockey fan’s worst nightmare: Two soccer players fighting. Did I say fight? I meant one collapses after a bitchslap. POW POW!

THIS is why you watch.


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