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Monday, June 7, 2010

Rebranding Bravo.

Much as I hate that phrase du marketing jour, that channel has become nothing but a reality programming dump. Other channels with less reason to change have made the switch: SyFy went away from hardcore Sci-Fi fans to appeal to women. Court TV became Tru. Save for Inside the Actors Studio, what connection or meaning does “Bravo” even have to do with any of their shows? A name that screams *culture* is a facade for network programming covering mostly sad excuses for adults. I’ll throw A&E in there too because it abandoned the “arts” portion of its name long ago.

Not that I hate reality programming, c’mon, look around the blog people, I live for it. But these two networks have been living in the past relative to what they used to show under their respective names and what’s playing now. This is US Weekly trying to be Time. C’mon Bravo, embrace your inner celebrity slash lol net slang and call yourself something catchy-trashy like... Fab! “Tonight on Fab!”(Has a nice ring, donnit?)

Mr. Lipton would thank you.

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Craig Brimm said...

HA ha, Fab, I love it. I think you need to be compensated for just the smart thinking.