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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Want free stuff? Just complain on Twitter.

This, I like. Brand monitors Twitter for mention—fulfills request. C’mon kids, flood the tweetwaves, tweetstream, tweetosphere—did I leave any out?—with endless requests or complaints about products and watch the merch pile up in your driveway. Two comments from YouTube on whether this is fake or not, and why it doesn’t matter:

“Too bad that it’s fake, but Wheat Thins are still the pwncakes. ” - TheMightyMario

“To all the HATERS. This is not fake! I'm sitting next to my girl, Tabitha
[ girl in video ] eating a box of wheat thins right now at school. The other day she brought in a whole case and gave everyone in her class 2-3 boxes. I also went with her the other day to donate a few cases to local churchs....Dont hate, she got lucky with her post and is being very generous.” – ninahuebner

Well, according to one “TheMightyMario” they still *pwn* regardless. So brands, fake away on questionable twitter accounts all you want because we ain’t mad at ya’! JUST AS LONG AS YOU PWN! (Attention Wheat Thins, time to deliver a palette of wheatspank to his ass anyway for doubting.) While I like the guerilla aspect to the promo, my inner Privacy Concern Guy™ says brands BETTER not be stalking my private data to show up at my house.

(Update: Vinny Warren from Escape Pod—the agency behind the promotion—confirms in the comments that this is indeed the real deal.)


Jetpacks said...

Here's why this looks faked to me:

Check out Tabitha's Twitter page:

ONLY ONE tweet, and it's the Wheat Thins post? Then try to find Tabitha Hancock of Mariposa, CA using your favorite way to find people. I came up empty but Wheat Thins dude goes right up to her front door.

MrBrownThumb said...


But I am in need of an external HD to store garden pictures for my blawhgz and a video camera. I was just wondering how I could get them for free without going to jail.

Maybe I should complain on Twitter about Flip video cameras and external HDs and see if anyone shows up on my door with a few boxes of product.

I mean, I've got way more followers on Twitter than this fake lady.

vinny warren said...

thanks for the mention on your esteemed blog. i can assure that this was not fake and that Tabitha is a real person and a great sport. all is revealed here.



Howie said...

Anyone who follows Vinny's blog gets insight on his work and how it develops etc. I mentioned the similarity to the Dominoes spots and Vinny responded that he always has had the prankster in him, and this was an effort to bring in social media. And trust me Vinny can be almost as critical as MTLB when it comes to ad work!

As for you Mr. MTLB....I see you on FourSquare, Gowalla, and your Geo-Location Tracking device is always on =P hehehe