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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The 100 Brands Project.

The 100 Brands Project is about ideas for brands that they only pay for if they use them. The anonymous creatives behind Robin of Shoreditch created it to donate their fee, figured at 1/10,000,000 (one ten-millionth) of a given company’s worth as valued by BrandZ’s 2009 report. They submit ideas for all the brnads listed along with an invoice with all fees going right to a charity to help Haiti relief efforts. That’s fair, really, when you look at what agencies normally charge for ideas, and also when compared to the madness of crowdsourced ideas. There’s a purity at work with this, not simply a client looking for cheap work. (ALL clients want it cheaper anyway. If Old Spice could get that shit for half, they would. Trust.) But the social good behind each idea here is different. Many of the ideas improve not just the brand, but the planet. While free is not a sustainable business model if you want to keep the lights on, I’m guessing their day jobs help with that. (Yes, they’ve had one taker already.)

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