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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Don’t trust Africa.

Like, ever.* Fail whales and occasional spotty wifi connections aside, it’s easy to forget that for the most part, the web here in Uhmurka as an *experience* just works when we turn it on. It’s not like that everywhere though. Luckthelady can’t access Hulu from Paris, Canada can only dream about the Kindle, and legit African users get screwed by PayPal. (Even though the U.S. leads the world in cybercrime by far, the continents’ plentiful descendants of royalty in dire need of wired funds have *likely* made trust an issue for the ecommerce industry.) And while some issues are related to licensing rights dealing with content and technology, it all contributes to this collective web experience that’s different for many countries than it is for us.

*Can you smell the snark?

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