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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

But wait, there’s more...

– Mr. T’s FlavorWave Oven.
– The terrible truth about drugs.
– Bit what if John was a circus clown?
– Check the batteries in your smoke refudiators kids. (Via.)
– Louis Armstrong death metal.
– 20 Fail Whales. (Via.)
– Kindle eBooks outselling hardcovers on Amazon? Yep. (Via.)
– It’s a streaming throwdown with Redbox vs. Netflix.
– Foursquare activism DOES work.
– “We don’t even own suits.” The difference between AT&T and Apple. (Via, via.)
– Geek ink.
– Star Wars fans, don’t throw away those Danbury Mint plates yet. (Via.)
– Guys ride Coach.

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