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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When it rains...

I need a sub-directory to list all of BP’s gaffes. Now there’s seepage from the cap, and seepage from bad Photoshop work. The control room shot above? Look closer at the three screens to the right of center mah pixel-lovin readers. Things aren’t as they seem in some of the best retouching work this side of a Polish Microsoft site. That image actually ended up like this. (The two words on the far left are what really freak me out for some reason: Microsoft Excel.) BP though claims they had someone retouch in the shots because the screens in question didn’t have the cameras on at the time. Okay, makes sense, and I have no doubt there’s a lot of good people at the grunt level trying to fix this, but when you have zero room to maneuver in the court of public opinion, maybe spend less on TV ads and more on freelancers who know Photoshop? (Look how twisted this just got: We’re pissed because their Photoshop was bad, not that they tried to cover it up.) Regardless, BP says the original shot should be back in place tonight.

Probably not a good idea to mention deadlines, now that I think of it.

(Story: Washington Post via, via.)

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