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Friday, July 30, 2010

A buyer’s market.

“We are one of the premier sites for professional women and seeking a full-time editor/marketer. Must be in New York City--this is not a virtual job. Responsibilities include expanding the reach of the website and our member network through social media and marketing liaisons, writing and editing content for the website and newsletters, and managing interns. Qualified individuals must be versed in social networking and have marketing savvy, be an excellent writer with good people skills. Should have five years of formal work experience, including writing/editing copy. Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Excel are required, HTML a plus. Salary: $40-50,000.00 depending upon experience. Send resume, references, one writing sample (preferably a profile), with a thoughtful cover letter. Please address it to Helene.”

I have no doubt someone will jump on this. While not a $70k gig at Saatchi, it has a fair amount of responsibilities. Does “premier site for professional women” mean Monster? A regional site? Who knows. Just seems like there are a ton of these ads out now lacking a deep understanding of social media gigs. They don’t know what they don’t know. It seems primarily an editor more than social media gig, but still, do you ever wonder about Scott Monty’s coding chops? Shouldn’t the face of your company, the person who will build your network, control your messaging, and do everything else you threw in the ad last-second, shouldn’t they be worth more than $50K?

(Tip, Tontino.)

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