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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Even pit bull hockey moms need help.

“Make a donation today and help Sarah defend her family against relentless attacks.” *

You guys take PayPal? The beauty of the hypocrisy here is flawless. *grabs tissue* The cool thing about the internet is that you don’t have to spend much to attack someone’s reputation or defend yours. Okay, so the latter is harder to do once the former happens, but for the most part, the *democracy* of the net in most countries means you can do either without a TV spend. Especially if you have a household name because people will just flock to your Facebook or Twitter for your latest missive.

The cooler thing is that this also works in reverse. YouTube Nation loves live mic gaffes or campaign spots about Congressmen and Playboy mansions.** And, when you have a major news outlet like Fox always giving you sit-downs or covering your rallies, you get to attack for free! (Earn while Libs burn, as it were.) See? The net can be fair and balanced. *holds hands out like scales of justice*

What you don’t get to do though is beg for money on websites to help defend yourself against attacks coming from waters you help chum.

*Sorry kids, honor has a steep price: Donations made to The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund are not tax-deductible.
** He was at a Super Bowl party
sponsored by Playboy. No mansion involved, but, damage done.

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