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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Look at your sales—now look at mine.

Am I going to keep beating that play on words into the ground? Yep. Now, there’s been heated discussion—heated I say—over whether Old Spice’s Mega Case Study in Social Media Awesome actually sold anything. The only thing I thought would answer that would be comments directly from the brand. So here you go: Yes. Mike Norton, director of external relations for male grooming at P&G says since starting Isaiah Mustafa’s YouTube response effort on July 13, they saw a 107% increase in Old Spice Body Wash sales over the last month, (according to Nielsen data).



Anonymous said...

It's not 7%. It's 107%, as is more than 50% and more than 90%.

mtlb said...

Got that part. Changed. I had the Forbes 7% numbers in my head and thought the P&G guy was inflating the sound of things.