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Friday, July 23, 2010

Overheard internet...

Yep, they said it...

Unfortunately, this is not my America and I live here. Violence against the government is the wrong non-solution, as violence begets violence and chaos. If the conservatives were to restructure the government, what would happen to the other legal citizens in this country that are not middle-aged, white, Christian, and uneducated? This is not a movement of the real America, rather, it's a movement of a portion of America facing extinction.”

she is terrible looking but that’s really cool that he’s not shallow. Also part of the reason people work so hard to get rid of racism and discrimination is so you can marry and be with whoever you want regardless of color ”

‘Android is suddenly looking tempting,’ Gruber wrote, referring to the competing smartphone platform from Google. — If you’re considering a change in platform because you couldn’t buy the device within an hour of it being released - your prospective smartphone is way fucking smarter than you are.”

Steve Ballmer’s (dis)organization skills are precisely the reason that Microsoft more closely resembles IBM and Sony than its key competitors like Google and Apple. Instead of a unified vision, the company has become a scattershot of competing departments carrying on through the dying momentum of past successes.”
Cribbage Left

WsTF with the implied violence? Spray me with your best shot! Why don’ you spray me with your best shot! Spray me with your best shot! Fire away! (apologies to Pat Benatar)”
mama no like s

Looks like rape to me. The girl is just left there on the ground as the guy walks away. This isn't sexy, its sexist, and the reason so many women out there hate our advertising asses.”

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