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Friday, July 30, 2010

NFL reverses its call on gambling in ads—sorta.

Remember when Kia got into trouble after the Super Bowl for showing a casino interior in an ad? Well, they still can’t, but they can show more of the exterior! “What happens here, stays here” messaging is still banned from appearing in games, but the league has modified it’s policy enough to allow more of the city in general to be shown. It allows the following:

“General advertising from a state or municipal lottery, provided that such lottery organization does not offer any betting scheme that is based on real sporting events or performances in them; general advertising from horse- or dog-racing tracks, or from state or municipal off-track betting organizations, provided that such horse-racing, dog-racing or off-track betting establishment offers neither betting schemes based on real sporting events (other than horse or dog races) or performances in them or casino games of any kind; or general advertising for tourist destinations, including Las Vegas …”

What is still banned though:

“Gambling-related advertising, including, without limitation, advertising for any hotel, casino or other establishment that houses gambling regardless of whether the advertising references gambling, as well as any advertising that would violate the terms of the league’s television agreements or policy on gambling advertising …”

So basically, you can add a url to your spots? I guess that’s good news for those non-gambling related businesses in Vegas—all 1.5% of them. People, it’s about the little victories... IT JUST IS.

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