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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Old Spice—the brand that listens to YOU.

Listening to people on Twitter and responding is the new... what again? Okay, maybe it’s a small thing that’s no different than having one lucky fan pulled up on stage at a concert, but Wheat Thins showed that there’s some mileage to listening to social nets. Old Spice shows it too with a custom response to AH15Fans* after she tweeted:

“Old Spice!!! I *heart* Isaiah Mustafa. Lol”

She’s not the only person they’re sending custom vids to, but it’s still pretty cool for a brand to respond inside 24 hours.

*That would be Al Horford of the Atlanta Hawks. Hey look, if I could get my @travisknightfans account back up running, I would. I’VE BEEN BUSY.

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