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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Only you can help clean up Ladigaga_.

Eh, TidySongs got one by me with Save the Songs. At first I wasn’t sure what this PSA was for as the site isn’t too obvious with the connection to their app. TidySongs cleans up your iTunes library and any mislabeled songs in it. Mislabeled probably because you copied the freelancer’s drive like everyone else that day. And I’m sure the record companies would LOVE to have an accurate list of everyone who has their music, so by all means, let’s let iTunes’ Genuis help them do THAT. But the message is a little confusing. Dirty is fine, but it's more about duplicates and erroneously named songs. Dirty just sounds so, well, nasty, filthy and illegal. Or maybe I’m reading into things again.

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