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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fighting for YOU.

Oh the stuff I get sent. Like an eclipse though, I shield you, my loyal readers from it all. That goes for political campaigns, even though the topic gets covered here a lot. I’m not sure who’s list I got on at one point, but now it’s just one bigass red, white & blue donation orgy going on almost daily in my inbox. This one site though had something about it that’s unlike most, almost disarming in way that the usual political onslaught avoids.

Maybe it’s the lack of the hard sell. Maybe it’s also the first site I’ve seen without a flood of red, white and blue. Either way, Colorado State Senate candidate Lucía Guzmán is a Tea Party keyword conundrum: An openly gay reverend born to Mexican farmworkers who talks about aging as one of her key issues.

Who does that these days and expects to win, like, ever? She’s seriously the first person I’ve seen NOT talk about how she’ll fight for YOU, or how she’ll change the political machine if elected. (Maybe she has and I just can’t see it from my front porch here.) After all, all we have now in these seemingly compressed election cycles is either a candidate’s attack ad or their website to go by. She’ll have my vote come this August’s primary though. Well, I mean, if I lived there she would.

Colorado, don’t forget to get out and vote early–and often.

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