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Friday, July 2, 2010

Twitter needs more plumbers.

And pipes. From the DOO*...

Thanks to Brazil’s World Cup loss to the Netherland—GO BAVARIA BEER GIRLS IN ORANGE DRESSES!—Twitter is experiencing major meltdowns today. Not *just* today but over the past week, outages have been more frequent. First thought is, well just throw more servers at the problem, but not sure that will fix it. It’s a lot like the plumbing theory that says you build for the possibility that everyone in a given building might have to use all the toilets at the same time. That may result in needing bigger pipes, but at least you’re covered come halftime at Giants stadium. I don’t know exactly what Twitter’s internal stats show as far as peak usage, but I can’t believe this is just a problem due to the growing number of users because they can’t all be on at the same time. Not when you figure that the smallest percentage of them account for the majority of the updates. If a less than full compliment of users is clogging the system, then Twitter needs more pipes. Or bigger ones.

*Department of the Obvious.

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