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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Anyone want to sponsor a little history?

So little frontiers left for brands, but Stonehenge is looking for a little private funding. Seems the UK government has the same budget crisis we do, forcing it to cut its commitment for among other things, a new welcome center for Stonehenge. 2012 is just around the bend and it seems the predicted influx of tourists for the London Olympics is going to be a problem for the historic site. With all the money most cities throw at building new stadiums every four years, £10 million, ($15.5 million U.S. based on current rates), seems like tip money.

With advertising creep so out of control now, the only places left to throw a logo on are Earth’s mysteries. Is putting a logo on a famous rock beyond the realm? (So to speak.) No. If we have a damn star registry, nothing surprises me anymore. Okay, so it would be the Coke Visitor’s Center, but you get the point. They’re a global teach the world to sing, happiness factory kinda brand, no? But what if we did sell space on the actual stone though. Annual subscriptions baby! Twitter users can kick in $1 each and have their name be part of a streaming video wall inside. Or, $10 gets your name etched in a giant plaque in the field next to it. $50 gets you on one of the stones. Spring for the whole deal? They paint your name one life-size letter at a time on each stone.

Or should we do this thing on Facebook? Yeah, good idea.


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