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Friday, August 13, 2010

But wait, there’s more...

– About the only purse safe in NYC.
– Some damn nice movie posters.
No minorities drafted for Army ad move.
– Yahoo’s identity crisis. (Via.)
– Cue Steven Slater slider rides.
– China loves the Snooki!
– Flash mob food rave.
– Lost Dharma van. Lo-miles, like-nu. Best offer.
– Cue more Steven.
– Admit you are powerless to find a better deal.
– Bitch, where’s my dinner.
– Getting your finger freak on... your toes.
– Big. Surfing. Balls.
– Let it enter to win.
– Celestial Soul Portraits—while you wait.
– Living through a nuclear attack. (Via.)
– San Francisco kid’s meal food nazis.
– Cue succulent shrimp.
– The captain has turned on the no joking sign.

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