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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

But wait, there’s more...

– Why iPhones have the shaking feature.
– The Hero For Hire your hero could act like.
– Shawshank You.
– The pub crawler that got away.
– Obama’s mosque?
– Everyone take a page and write it for her.
– Iron Maiden’s crash test.
– The reason for hot chicks in beer ads.
– Early Kodachrome color film footage. C’est le stunning.
– Yeah, I could do this, like, never.
– Lady Dada. (Via.)
– Nothing says POTUS like shoulder straps.
– To Live & Ride In L.A..
– No, YOU’RE awesome. (Via.)

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Dan Barron said...

The passing decades cannot dim the awesomeness that is Marie Osmond.