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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Overheard internet...

Yep, they said it...

The fashion conscious turista keenly aware yellow to be a phallic colour, could not believe the sartorial faux-pas. - - As if the unseemly shirt tucked in the high-waisted stretch-jersey ladies pants wasn't enough, what to make of the man's fascination with the emasculated 'toro castrato' blue figurine. - - Which hat then she mockingly visualized would complement this sissy man's ensemble. - - Her impatient companion meanwhile, uncomfortably aroused by Arrow man, tried hard to suppress the raging ‘toro bravo’ in him.”

Any second where the screen is still is the timelapse for bong rips.”

I’m pretty despondent right now. This is all completely pointless. We can sit here and watch Jon Stewart tell it like it is for the five millionth time and prove the idiots wrong, but the fact is they don’t care. Even with empirical evidence, you cannot reason with the millions of people who watch Fox daily. It’s a giant crowd, one I have to contend with every fucking day living in fucking Texas, and finding another logical person here who can commiserate with me is impossible. So how does one cope? ...besides working on my new play, For Gay Texans Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuff.”

congrats to the loser

Without theft, there would be no advertising. The whole reason all these people are in advertising is because they could never make it as artists. - - To quote the immortal (and immoral) Don Draper: ‘Advertising has more failed artists and intellectuals than anywhere since the Third Reich.’”

I just love the way TLC turns ordinary mothers into whores....”

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