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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Can’t hold your liquor in San Francisco? No problem—Bud got this.

A new movement is afoot in San Francisco—afoot I say. The city is proposing a Charge For Harm bill where the Budweisers of the world would pay for the misuse of their product. I like and I hate it. Why I like: Fucking A right! If it costs the city $17 million annually for treatment, prevention, medical transport and hospitalization for alcohol related illness, why should taxpayers have to pay for your dumb ass? Why I hate it: Where do you draw the line with product abuse? Should McDonald’s then reimburse hospitals for all the bypasses they perform? Should GM compensate the city when someone takes out a park bench, or worse, kills someone? Either way, won’t the industry just pass the cost onto people with a price increase?


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