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Friday, August 13, 2010

Case-Mate protects against dropped iPhones. Dropped nipples, not so much. (NSFW.)

Generally, advertising promoting accessories for computers and iStuff is rife with tame, generic, Twitter-looking 2.0 minimalist designaria. Not no more. Case-Mate slaps you in the face with steel wool hands, then pours salt in the cuts. Although, $39.99 is a lotta lot to pay for some iPhone protection, Lexan or not. (A penny on eBay instead!) Still, the drag and drop artist’s interface on I Make My Case is badass. If you prefer your iAccessory commercials without losing a nipple, there’s a less gory but no less trippy alternative. (I haven’t seen them anywhere but online, and even though Case-Mate says they’re commercials, the unusual lengths of 1:43 and 1:20 lead me to think these are internet-only.)

(Via TUAW.)

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