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Monday, August 9, 2010

Just give.

“Just dropped off food at the Bridgeport Rescue Mission from our food drive. Thanks to all the volunteers and contributors who helped us help feed our friends and neighbors in need of a little extra help.”

This is Jim Himes from Connecticut's 4th congressional district. He’s running again. Now, I’ve never met him, but he seems okay. I noticed though a picture on his Facebook page after he had just dropped food off at a local shelter (near me). How do I say this without being, um, a self-serving asshole because it’s not my intent. I have no doubt he means well nd that the volunteers who helped him worked hard, but if you’re going to do something like this, just give.

Don’t tweet it.

Don’t post it on your Facebook.

Just do it quietly away from the cameras. One can a week extra when you shop adds up. Drop it off somewhere. Don’t tell anyone, just do it. I realize that goes against every fiber of a politican’s DNA and their weapon of choice the photo op. But a lot of people give without telling anyone about it.

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