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Friday, August 6, 2010

Look at your sticky icky icky, now look at Snoop’s.

(NSFW.) Cue the latest edition to the Old Spice line of spoofs.* Snoop Dog calls out celebs on Twitter in this promotion for his latest release My #1 Priority? Is he dissing regular fans by not including them? After all, that was a key component of the Old Spice concept. I don’t think so; he’s just honest about the celeb connection. Besides, he knows how to treat the common ma... fan! (Would Martha fire one up after a show with her fans?) In addition to Silent Bob, there shouts for Britney, Al Gore, Hammer, Shaq Martha Stewart, and Weird Al. (And yes, Silent Bob responded. Fire when ready, Dogg.)

(Via Culture-Buzz.)

*Waits for BK and The King to stand there silently holding up tweets next.

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