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Friday, August 20, 2010

Overheard internet...

Yep, they said it...

sad. mr. lydon did fund the last PIL tour on the back of his butter commercial earnings though.

WTF? So who’s greenlighting “The Twitter Supremacy”? ”

@wilson, oh i’m so alt i say “first” in japanese because japan is way more rad than amurica. you’re not a hipster. you’re a lame-ster! who’s excited for am appy store closing sales?!?!”

GO ARIZONA - WE THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES ARE BEHIND YOU! Don’t let those east coast scumbag politicians bother you at all. As usual, they are clueless - I think it’s passed down from the top. “We the people” (’cept for the illegals) agree with your methods. Keep going. WE ARE VOTING AGAINST ALL POLITIANS THAT ARE WORKING AGAINST YOU! Keep up the good work. Again, may I just say----GO ARIZONA!”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA She shouldnt be out in the public unless she wears one of those cones around her neck.”

Much in the same way John the Baptist presaged Jesus... And Billy Ray plowed the road for Myley... Levi Johnston foretells the coming….”

Not on the creative. Love the creative. But some media planner blathering about a “billion impressions?” Come on.”

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