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Friday, August 20, 2010

We need that by EOD Friday. By the way, that’s this Friday.

The clients never care as much as you do. I came across this piece on Hacker News about whether it was possible to write perfect code or not, but it’s as much a look at what clients just don’t understand regarding projects, deadlines and impossible requests—things that only end up costing them more money in the long run. Yeah, it’s geek stuff that anybody working in digital these days has faced, either from the dev wanting to get it right to the creatives and account team just wanting it done. Look past the coding aspect though because it could refer to any part of a relationship with a large client that goes wrong when working on a creative project. (Hard not to guess who they were talking about with a name like Gorilla Mart.) Notice the insane time demands or cluelessness on the part of the brand wanting more bells and whistles without being aware of cost or whether they’re even possible to do given the schedule. Hello scope creep—hello padded invoice. Read and nod, weep or scream.


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