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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Protecting our borders at Taco Bell.

The border between American and Mexican food that is. Authentic Mexican food. I saw this on MultiCult and remembered I wanted to post the new Taco Bell Cantina taco spot... with authentic *real* American Mexican voiceover—in perfect English. But, apparently, the YouTube fishing nets have failed to bring this one up from the depths, so I continue to trawl. For now, check out a review of the taco from one Mr. TheEscas, a self-proclaimed half-Mexican. Are these authentic? He says no, and I believe! Well, that, and I also tried one myself. My control group? The *street* tacos I had once once from a dive in Guadalajara at 1:00 am. This? Wasn’t those. (Taco Bell at least got the late-nite thing right.) Maybe the shell tastes close to what I had, but the rest was dried-out and narsty. And I don’t remember a lime. Maybe they got that from Corona.

(Update: Found.)

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