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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

But wait, there’s more.

– Then comes redecorating the cafeteria.
– Dior’s racinistas?
– Vitaminwater sues itself?
– Kevin Trudeau new miracle desk clean.
– Fuck you, money. (Via.)
– A day in the life of copyright “Salespeople.”
Stormtrooper edition Buick.
– Skateboarders From Hell. (NSFW.)
– Shatner the Great.
– Get Spock.
– Chekov, combat noob.
– Sulu the hippie.
– Scalp ’em Scotty.
– All hailing frequencies open, bitches! (NSFW.)
– Bones says goodbye.

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Jetpacks said...

In keeping with your Trek theme - how about Nimoy as an Indian? (and I thought he was tall until he stands next to James Arness: