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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Introducing Sony’s iFinger.

What else would you call an attack on the iPhone above? Sony integrated the Kevin Butler character into a Denis Leary spin-off with your boy Marcus Rivers going right at iPhone and its apparent Seinfeld approach to gaming: apps about nothing. He energetically delivers a keep off the iPhone vibe with “Marcus don’t play that” (dated Homey The Clown stereotype notwithstanding).

Granted, it’s hard to compete on price when the iPhone has a lot of free titles, not to mention the other benefits of a cell, but, PSP does one thing well, and that’s what they’re focused on here. Will people pay more for a better handheld gaming experience and no other benefit? I suppose, but then, who has just one device anymore?

Maybe that’s the false proposition at work when it comes to electronics, in that we keep wanting the nirvana of the all-in-one device.


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