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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You mean the ’40s weren’t in black and white?

This Farm Security Administration collection of color images from 1939-1943 represents the early war days of a post-depression U.S. Part of the Library of Congress now, the color shows a human side of the typical historical feel associated with the black and white imagery we grew up seeing in history books. Even though color was around long before this time having started around the 1840s, it hadn’t been perfected. Black & white was just cheaper, hence the majority of the work shot with it. While it gives you a new perspective on the times, there still is this moment where you think color equals a more modern time. At least it did for me.



Craig Brimm said...

beautiful stuff. i may have to borrow.

mtlb said...

borrow away.

Thinking In Vain said...

Despite a photography degree – I do tend to initially do the same thing, color = modern.

These are a gorgeous reminder that it doesn't. :)

creativegirl said...

breathtaking, thanks! I may have to share this too :)