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Thursday, September 30, 2010

AXA Insurance now offering fire, flood and Godzilla coverage.

To promote their new claims app, AXA Insurance and agency Duval Guillaume ran print ads with a space for your iPhone. The camera then scans a code which plays a clip, which then shows how the event(s) depicted actually unfolded. It’s the perfect extension of a print ad, but is it too frivolous for an insurance app? Maybe. Previously I’d hated the way Nationwide seemed to downplay the serious nature of accidents, and that may be happening here. I could definitely see this though working for other categories and brands, from consumer packaged goods to entertainment because it’s nice way to extend a story. 


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Anonymous said...

Cool, but all this iPhone only stuff is elitist. What if your a poor bloke like me who only has a "dumb" phone?