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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Carpe Fear.

It’s one thing to vote for someone who’s nice, but are people so desperate that they’ll seriously consider idiots rocking a Palin 2.0 look who seize upon more fear, all the while questioning the patriotism of others? Bill Maher has 22 clips of Christine O’Donnell when she was on Politically Incorrect, and I don’t know that those episode will show me anything more than I already know about her. Given some of the things now being found out about her past, she has responded with two tactics: avoid appearing in public or fall back on the A-Rod defense. I get that people are unhappy with the current POTUS, but their “Anyone but him” view is astonishing if they all they gravitate to are stylish red blazers and folksy accents. Someone needs to tell Bill that real monsters are always nice in public.

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