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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rebranding Hope?

So the Democratic party is rebranding itself. A serious look for serious times. The problem is, a new logo can’t mask a bad product or lousy customer experience with said product. Try as they will, that fundamental principle of advertising and marketing hasn’t changed since, forever. The worst part of this has to be a renewed focus on a message of Change though. Why? This was Obama’s focus that the GOP has hijacked this past year in local elections to instill life into their campaign efforts. Pick a campaign as of late and see if “It’s time to change Washington!” doesn’t pop up. I guess you can look to key moments in a race that determine the outcome. For the GOP, it’s the hijacking of their party going on by the TP’ers, causing Republicans to confront their party’s core beliefs. For the Democrats, this rebranding could be one of those moments: either cementing that message of change among a base that voted for it (and that still believes in it), and those unhappy with the way the country is headed.

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