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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

He who smells it... sells it.

How do you sell the fine aroma of a nice Roquefort? With Cheesemonials! Remember, only Cheese from France is made with Genuine™ fake comments on Youtube! Eat with friends too! Not just the knuckle-dragging NFL fans, but Genuine futbol fans who know what an accent grave is. CHEESE FOR EVERYONE.

“I had some of the guys over this past weekend watching World Cup soccer on tv, and made the Petite Chèvre Pizzas from the website, and wow they were a big hit! Goal!”
– aartsport

“Hey aartsport, what else are you serving during the World Cup?”
– slate239girl

“Lovin' the Wednesday camembert guy--wish I can share a sandwich with him!
– slate239girl

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Andy Jukes said...

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