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Sunday, September 5, 2010

John Varvatos Turns 10 by celebrating with 100-year olds.

IT’S ALL PART OF HIS ROCK AND ROLL FANTASY. (That was Bad Company, right? *whew* Just checking.) Celebrating his 10 year anniversary, Varvotos gathered up many of the same rock gods who have graced his ads for a gianormic spread channeling the ghost of Sgt. Pepper’s. (If you need help spotting them all, fear not, there’s a handy behind the scenes legend after the jump. LEGEND, get it?) The collective ages here could actually celebrate 1,000 years of rock royalty BUT THAT’S JIMMY PAGE—the coolest grandfather you’d ever have. I’m not hating. Dude’s doing what I would if I had money and could have parties with every rock god I grew up with.

From a fan perspective though, bands tend to take hits to their cred if they appear in too many ads, unless the product in question fits their vibe and it’s something they believe in, not just another paycheck. (At least that’s my rock fantasy.) At this rate though, Varvatos could be the Official Men’s Outfitter to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and nobody would blink. Speaking of, he’s opened the door wide for a woman’s fashion label to give cred where it’s due and represent the ladies.

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