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Thursday, September 2, 2010

You embarrassed yet?

An Ozark, MO billboard purchased by a local businessman says so. It’s more of the same great writing found in signs calling out for Bush’s return. Funny, and here I thought who you voted for was still something you could call your own. Reveal it if you want, but for the most part, it’s one of those things like salary discussions that you keep to yourself. So what’s embarrassing isn’t that we live in a country where we are *supposed* to defend to the death the right for someone to say whatever they wish, but the way in which people choose to express that right. Cue Jack in A Few Good Men: I would just rather people who hate the guy give him the finger and be on their way, rather than ridicule someone’s else right to vote the way they wanted.


Anonymous said...

Really? After 2 terms of listening to you left-winged bigmouths slandering Bush you can't take it? Maybe THAT'S what you should be embarrassed about.

mtlb said...

Nice try. I can take more than a billboard though. As you were fond of saying after Bush took office: "Get over it. You lost.”

Anonymous said...

in response to the question asked on the billboard, no.

in response to anonymous, slander is, by definition, an untrue, public statement damaging to the reputation of another. i don't have to stoop to the distortions and lies and intellectual dishonesty of the right. historical record was and is more than enough to damn W.