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Friday, October 8, 2010

Back off, I have walkability.

So our beers have drinkability and now our shoes have walkability. Well, Rockport shoes at least. And Cottonelle doesn’t *own* wipability? Pity, that. So the brand is rolling out a monstah campaign across every 360° CONSUMER TOUCHPOINT you can think of, from blind shoe tests with 100 Vogue “Insiders,” to partnering with TV’s The Apprentice. (I wonder how many blind people actually rock Rockports.) As for The Donald, apparently he would be caught dead in a pair though. IF THE MONEY WAS RIGHT. And man, I bet it was. Do you have a problem “providing stylish and comfortable footwear for the metropolitan professional?” Do you? Hey wait, did she just mouth what I think she did at :13 seconds of the clip above? SHE DID. Rockport, you rebel! Maybe it is possible to change perceptions.

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