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Friday, October 8, 2010

A tale of two Lennons.

This isn’t a selling out debate more than a comment on what happens when classics like Imagine are used in commercials. The surviving Beatles don’t need any more money, so it’s more about a song that was anthem-like for a generation now being used to push human networks (an inherently synthetic marketing phrase if there ever was one). A lesser hit used in commercials often becomes a throwaway moment for the brand, usually because they couldn’t figure out something else to do to connect with consumers. It’s just easier to ask: What are the two lines we can license from your Top 40/Classic Rock past that will sum up our product. Hello Thomas Dolby, hello furniture polish.

Imagine though feels like it’s one that needs a little more reverence attached to it, or does it? Once a song is used in one place, it becomes easier to use it everywhere. For the record, I’ve since gotten over the CSI love affair with The Who.

Then today Google announced that it’s celebrating what would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday with their little spin on the classic. I don’t mind that in the context of a tribute though. Sure it’s Google trying to associate with a classic and capture a little of your past in much the same way as Cisco. It just feels less blatant.*

*I will not end the post with “Imagine that.” I just won’t.

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