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Friday, October 29, 2010

Detroit’s identity crisis.

Dodge Journey doesn’t stop believin... that it’s better than a monster truck. HEH. What’s up in the Motor City? All the different messages are confusing is what’s up. After in noting that Goodby’s Chevy Runs Deep was the first work for GM, I forgot about their Corvette Rockets spot months ago. It feels like both automakers won’t let go of this America needs its mojo back theme, while also carving out separate identities for their individual models. Hard to stand out though when you cling to the same themes as the competition.

I’m not seeing the same thing from Ford though.* At least not to that degree. Do I drool over their spots? No. But I also don’t watch what they put out and wonder why there’s such a disparity between their product lines the way I do with GM or Chrysler.

As nostalgic as they came off earlier in the year, both Chrysler and Dodge make a few themes work now for some of their lines while not taking themselves seriously in the process. Flirting with over the top American heritage and a Hell Yeah! old school Dubya, they also embrace a touch of sinister with Michael C. Hall. Monster Truck Mania above? They’re just having fun with minivans is all. Then there’s the American vision of Jeep and their spots with attitude.

GM has put Americana front and center the way they always seem to. Except, the patriotism now is wrapped in nostalgic clips vs. the Like A Rock years. Then it was about what that ideal meant relative to the times.

Consumers don’t care about the agencies behind the work, they just want a true, more consistent message to go along with a hassle-free sales experience. Instead, it’s Patriots here, bullies there, and pushy salespeople everywhere else. Or maybe it’s just me. YouTube Nation... GET ON THE MIC:

“Dodge needs to stand behind their products not on top of them! They’re crushing their own cars that's like a slap in the face to everybody who bought dodge neons.” – djmick90

“Was that comparing a monster truck to a dodge journey? Because monster trucks are illegal on roads. That made zero sense.” – lessismore34

“way to back over one of the best cars you ever made, dodge.” – deliciousfag86

“it kind of looked like a focus she was running over but the headlights tell me it’s a neon...poor neon. why would they run over their own car? show some subliminal hatred.” – UltimaRagnarok0321

*Blatant disclosure time, given... from time to time. Me + Humongo are Ford-friendly.

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Anonymous said...

Complete idiocy.

The smug hipster doofuses in Portland piss themselves laughing in their G-Star jeans while the guys in Dearborn take Chrysler's lunch money. Forza Italia!!