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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I’ve got a brand new HP ePrint device – you’ve got an old hit.

“I think this commercial is hilarious! I laugh out loud every time I see it! :o)”
– babykanga11

“if anyone cares, the name of the song is Brand New Key by Melanie”
– J0nesStreetBoy

“I don't know.. the end of the commercial is disturbing! Anyone notice that the baby is right next to a cliff in a walker??? It scares me... all I can think of is the baby falling over the edge because his parents put him in a walker on the edge of a cliff!”
– imsdactwins

“@imsdactwins Calm down. Just breathe. No children were harmed or at any time, in danger in the creation of this commercial. It's done safely in a studio and edited with computers. Now then, have a nice cold adult beverage of your choice.”
– DakotaRTinTX

“I hate this song.”
– mtlb


Anonymous said...

If the parents let this baby run in traffic... next to large oil filled semi tankers I guess they just trust the baby knows better..... anyway why would the baby walk off the cliff ? That would totally render all the time he/she spent on e-trade from that palm pre wasted.

Z-tone said...

i hate this commercial, the song is about sex, so it's seems inappropriate to feature it in a commercial with babies, i guess sex makes babies but that'd be exactly like having "do it to me baby" going on as a baby has very graphic sex with an adult