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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paper, what’s that.

I love the basic idea behind the DigiPen Summer Workshop here. It’s for students in grades 8-12 interested in game development, and meant to show that they need to think about the theory behind games in the real world first before sitting down to actually program. It’s a big problem with the creative generation coming into the business now. George Parker often says that the single biggest change to advertising was when the few large holding companies started to gobble up ad agencies and make them part of their network. My vote for biggest change has to do with the actual creative process. It’s this reliance on hitting Photoshop before picking up a pen and paper. We’ve pushed *digital* so much that paper and pen is somehow this taboo subject. While this is about game theory specifically, what instructor Deunan Berkeley says in the clip applies to any creative area: Work out the sequence of tactics for whatever it is you’re working on first, because they translate to the online space easily enough.

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