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Friday, October 15, 2010

Jet blues.

IS WHAT YOU GET when you fly *the other* guys. A fleet of blue cabs may in your future, who knows. But hell yeah, nice approach by Mullen for Jet Blue. The spots highlight the frustrations of flying with a You Above All message; a lofty goal to hold a brand too, but that’s why people fly Jet Blue. (The no-fee thing on the bag is a nice stab at other airlines, but considering they charge $30 for a second checked bag and $75 for a third, that’s slippery slope territory.) Well at least in the cab you can de-taxi if you want. It’s not just Taxicab suppressions of leg room and free checked luggage either, THERE’S ELEVATOR FUN TOO.


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Anonymous said...

Cute spot, Jet Blue. However, YOU STILL CHARGE FOR BAGS. In case you missed it, "Check your FIRST bag free" is buried in the last four seconds.