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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MSNBC Leans Forward by looking to the past.

Tired of bending over for the Luddites at CNN and Fox, MSNBC is mad. BIG MEDIA IS MAD I SAY. Like magazines, they want you to know that they’re still here, covering the stories the way *real* journalists do (unlike you amateur hacks with Twitter accounts and too much free time). And they’re going to spend millions convincing you with spots from Spike Lee calling upon America’s past the way Detroit advertising has been lately. A campaign to promote news outlets over two years though? Good luck. A focus on *doing* needs to be a part of that, not just telling people how great you are. Case in point: Twitter didn’t spend one dime on any ad campaign to alter how news spreads because its users did all the work. And Fox leads not because of any fair and balanced reporting, but because it has a voice which resonates with a certain demo. MSNBC’s voice or lack thereof will make the difference here, not Spike Lee.

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