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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dale Peterson says Christine O’Donnell is not a witch.

Okay, well, he didn’t but he should, because that’s the only thing missing from this gem. Cue somber piano! Is this a Clinton “I didn’t inhale” moment or a Dukakis tank snafu. Could be both because this is is the stuff that makes or breaks campaigns people. IT JUST DOES. Snark™ aside, who on her campaign staff thought they needed to get out in front of this *witch* stuff... DRESSED IN BLACK. The GOP fascination with Palinesque MILF candidate spin-offs is a beautiful thing to witch watch. But don’t take my word for it, YouTube Nation, help a blogga out:

“Ms. O’Donnell, you are not like me. I am a witch, and I am proud of that. I have never hidden my pentacle, and I have been treated as an outsider by people of other faiths. I find this add to be highly offensive to members of my belief. Whoever thought this would bring you into a positive light is sorely mistaken.” – antspooki

“‘I’m not a witch...I'm you.’ This is one of the most bizarre-o political ads I have ever seen. O'Donnell may not be a witch but she certainly is batshit.” – pleasuresyrene

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