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Friday, October 29, 2010

Overheard internet...

Yep, they said it...

I’m not interested in the Harsh kids’ antics. I do, however, care about Meg Whitman putting her hands on an eBay employee -- so roughly apparently that she paid out a couple hundred thousand in hush money.  --- And I do care that she and her husband employed an illegal alien for 9 years while she chose to take a "tough" anti-immigration stand. --- Oh, that whole 28 years of enjoying the fruits of democracy without ever bothering to vote? That makes me ass mad.” 

And I hold the “bleeding heart” liberals accountable for this. Had they had not exposed one of our most effective means of obtaining information from our enemies, then making sure that every American, as well as every person around the world with some form of media learned about it, then this stupid guy would not have had the knowledge of how to do this. Hopefully, she's smart enough to leave the jerk and never look back!”

I think that “Quit the hit show you created and get right to work creating another hit sitcom for another wack-job diva because you are just plain stupid.” was Cybill, which seems to match descriptions of it's star. Also, it matches “Get fired from your second hit show because the co-star wins a fucking Emmy... and you're stupid.” (Christine Baranski)  --- I think “FINALLY learn from your mistakes and create a hit show with wonderful, loving people. Late in the second season during a rehearsal suddenly realize they are not going to hurt you.” was Dharma and Greg, after which he started on “Two and a Half Men” --- I’m kind of amazed at the ability of the human mind to store all that information about those shows over the years, and kind of ashamed that my mind seemed to have most of the information on hand.”

f*ck train. and by association, f*ck coke too.”
worst band ever

That's OK Wiki. ....our new US Congress in January will shut you down just like they will do to NPR.Treason is a serious crime in our country. I suggest you get an underground bunker in the middle east, since you appear to love Al Jazeera so much.”


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